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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
Division I
BCC Ignite
Caribbean International
Florida Cricket Academy
Florida Tigers
Majestic CC
Miami Power
Miami Raptors
Miramar Masters
Myrtle Grove Cricket Club
South India
Trinbago Red Force
United Sports CC
Division I
Player Runs  
Kassim Khan 143
Keniel Irving 126
Malcolm Fisher 94
Rohan Ebanks 78
Alastair Khan 76
Dwayne James 75
Stephan Baboolall 74
Terry Mills 73
Juber Ahmed 66
Morshed Kalam 62
Ramakrishna Rachappa 61
Asim Khurshid 60
Pratap Rudrapadhy 60
Roopesh Reddy 59
Kanagaraj Muthukumarasamy 58
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South Florida Premier Cricket League

Titans Cricket Club Cricket Club
Titans Cricket Club Cricket Club
7606 Briar Cliff Circle
Lake Worth, FL

Contact Persons
Walt Rambaransingh
Prateek Singh


Titans Cricket Club was established in 2007 and is a not-for-profit corporation based in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Our clubs owes it's creation to a visionary core of initial members. Their vision of transparency and democratic process in a cricket club is shared now by all our members. Together we strive to achieve the mission of our club and improve the cricket landscape in South Florida and the greater USA. TCC's mission remains to promote the game of cricket in the USA by engaging players of all backgrounds and age with a special emphasis on youth development.



Division I
January 27th, 2019
09:30 AM
Florida Tigers vs Myrtle Grove Cricket Club
At Brian Piccolo Park North
09:30 AM
Caribbean International vs Majestic CC
At Treadwinds Park
09:30 AM
South India vs Eagles
At Miramar Regional Park North
09:30 AM
Atlantic vs Miami Power
At MAQ Ground
01:30 PM
BCC Ignite vs Challengers
At Brian Piccolo Park North

Division I
Player W   
Kassim Khan 6
Parvesh Deonarinesingh 6
Stephen Brathwaite 5
Sharad Shrirame 5
Tanvir Mahmud 5
Simeon Pierre 5
Jamel Douglas 4
Javid Samad 4
Anbu Rajendran 4
Terry Mills 4
Asim Khurshid 3
Anil Bhawani 3
Ashton Denis 3
Mohammed Alauddin 3
Rohan Ebanks 3
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